Las Vegas Islamic Cemetery

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Burial Info

  1. Only members of the Islamic faith may be buried in the Las Vegas Islamic Cemetery.
  2. Cremation is absolutely prohibited at LVIC.
  3. Number of burials per grave.
    1. One or two internment may take place in adult grave site. Decision to be made in consultation with the family of the deceased.
    2. Burial of infants and children under the age of 10. Two (2) infants or children will be buried in one grave for fifty percent (50%) charge of full service, if allowed by the regulatory authority.
    3. Burial of amputated body parts will be allowed. The individual will have to pay twenty five (25%) of the full service charge.
  4. Burial containers. No burial containers for internment will be allowed. The deceased body will be placed directly in the ground at the bottom of the grave.
  5. Burial vaults. Vaults of fiber glass will be placed upside down to cover the deceased body which is laid on the ground. This will allow the cemetery to fulfill the Islamic tradition of burying the deceased with direct contact with the soil.
  6. Authorization and Documentation.
    1. The internments’ rights Holder or Holders must provide a written authorization to Las Vegas Islamic Cemetery before a burial can take place unless the burial for the registered owner of the internment rights. In this case, the immediate family members or next of kin will be responsible to provide that consent.
    2. Required information. Information as required by the Las Vegas Islamic Cemetery, in the form of a written statement, must be provided so that an accurate register can be maintained as required by the State of Nevada.
    3. Proof of registration of death. A burial permit indicating the death has been registered must be provided on the day of the burial and before the internment takes place.
    4. Payment in full is required by the cemetery before the burial can take place.
    5. Burial of Remains with communicable diseases will be declared by the family of the deceased.
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